We deliver enterprise grade solutions to connect the world to systems using sensors, gateways, software and expertise.  Our solutions are deployed across multiple industries, with a singular focus on delivering value for our customers. 

App Solutions 

Software as a service for challenging industrial IoT applications including visualization, data analytics & using artificial intelligence to help businesses improve processes. 


We collaborate with cloud partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure & Google to securely upload, store & utilize IoT data. Data scientist then use scientific methods, process & algorithms to extract knowledge & insights  from IoT data.

Device Technology

Software as a service for challenging industrial IoT Internal design, prototype & manufacturing of IoT sensors and devices, along with gateway communication cellular wifi, Lora & others. Having an internal team of device & communication experts allows us to shorten development cycles and lower cost and complexity for customers.



“I’ve worked with Unbounded Labs, for several years. We have been extremely happy with the team and services. Mark Kelly (UBL Chief Technology Officer) especially has gone above and beyond and has been a true professional, expert and a joy to work with.”

Cell Detect / David Segal
“We are a brand new company. Our first action was to hire Unbounded Labs. I’ve been really impressed with the innovation that the team has brought to the table to meet our requirements!”
Paladin / Jeffrey Ansel

“Working with Unbounded Labs has been a GREAT experience! They have demonstrated expertise, ability to communicate & work with us. We looked at 3 other companies to work with, and there was no doubt in my mind when choosing Unbounded Labs. We look forward to continued projects with Unbounded Labs.”

Sy-Klone / Rich Uhrie

bringing innovative new IoT products to market

From industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to class III medical devices, Unbounded Labs has provided comprehensive solutions to some of todays most challenging technology problems.

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