about us

Unbounded Labs is an engineering company that provides IoT solutions to companies through product development, manufacturing, and visual and data analytics solutions. We specialize in creating smart products that solve the most challenging business problems. Our team of IoT experts helps you identify what solutions are best suited to meet your goals and works with you through every step of the process.

A Few of Our Valued Clients


Asset Tracking

Global tracking using devices combined with GPS systems.

Parking Management

Vehicle detection solutions for traffic control and parking help communities and businesses alleviate parking concerns.

Smart Home

We can help you create your IoT vision from start to finish using a wide range of electronic design services.


Leak Detection

Our leak detection services allow clients to detect and locate leaks in chemical, oil, and natural gas facilities before they become problematic.


We design products that are built to succeed, are supported and given tools to create a cohesive design solution.

Custom Solutions

We can improve your product with an efficient development process tailored to your needs.


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