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Unbounded Labs is an end-to-end IoT Provider, with expertise in Hardware, Cloud, and Applications Development

Unbounded Labs (UBL) is an IoT platform company that allows businesses to bring their IoT strategy to life.  By utilizing the UBL platform companies can create, control, and manage their IoT data like never before.  This provides next-generation automation, intelligent design and data analytics capture for a true End-to-End IoT solution. 


“I’ve worked with Unbounded Labs, for several years. We have been extremely happy with the team and services. Mark Kelly (UBL Chief Technology Officer) especially has gone above and beyond and has been a true professional, expert and a joy to work with.”

Cell Detect / David Segal
“We are a brand new company. Our first action was to hire Unbounded Labs. I’ve been really impressed with the innovation that the team has brought to the table to meet our requirements!”
Paladin / Jeffrey Ansel

“Working with Unbounded Labs has been a GREAT experience! They have demonstrated expertise, ability to communicate & work with us. We looked at 3 other companies to work with, and there was no doubt in my mind when choosing Unbounded Labs. We look forward to continued projects with Unbounded Labs.”

Sy-Klone / Rich Uhrie

bringing innovative new IoT products to market

From commercial products to class III medical devices, Unbounded Labs has provided comprehensive engineering services across multiple industries.

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