why asset tracking?

upgrade your data tracking

Track where your assets are and who has them. Keeping up-to-date on your assets can benefit your business and keep things running smoothly. Asset tracking can be used for many different industries and applications.

Easy to use software to visualize your asset locations. For Laptop, tablet or phone. Alerts can be set up to notify users when assets to these specific locations.

Data analytics and intelligence around vehicle usage are also vehicle to prove the users bottom line. 

Asset Tracking Hardware

Cellular enabled device to track the location of industrial vehicles. Tough and tested hardware. It is water proof to IP67 for outdoor applications. Device is tied to a vehicles ignition so that it can monitor location every 5 min. When the vehicle ignition is on and every hour the vehicle ignition is off.

track data at your convenience

Unbounded Labs provided a nearby university with asset tracking capabilities to evaluate golf cart usage and location. This development uses LoRa-based IoT technology to keep track of their capital assets and make changes as needed.

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