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Meet the Team: Laurie Canales

Laurie Canales is an Electrical Technician for Unbounded Labs. Prior to joining the company, she gained experience in electrical wiring, solder joint repairs, and troubleshooting. Laurie has extensive experience in several different areas of soldering and has no problem tackling a new task.  As Unbounded Labs’ Electrical Technician, Laurie focuses on assembling, testing, and maintaining […]

Meet the Team: Omar Lopez

Omar Lopez is an Electrical Technician for Unbounded Labs. Prior to joining the company, he worked and managed city power lines for SRE. Omar has extensive experience in troubleshooting, soldering, and test circuits. He has also made custom wiring harnesses for clusters in vehicles and developed his own parking sensor.   As Unbounded Labs’ Electrical Technician, […]

Meet the Team: David Baerg

David Baerg is a Software Engineer at Unbounded Labs, working on both frontend and backend software for IOT and wireless sensor networks. Prior to joining Unbounded Labs, David worked for 2 years as a Software Engineering Intern at Occam Technology Group, working on software for long-range, low power wireless sensor networks using LoRaWAN. David has a […]

How Internet of Things Benefits Web and Mobile App Development

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of all devices connected through the internet. The communication between these devices is possible through the exchange of data using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cloud services, and much more. IoT is very beneficial across many industries through the transfer of data between organizations. Iot integration has been used in retail, […]

Eliminating Batteries for IoT Devices

Energy consumption is an everlasting problem for IoT devices as batteries continuously need to be recharged or replaced. Atmosic Technologies and MATRIX Industries have developed a solution to improve energy consumption using harvesting. They have combined to create low-power thermoelectric technology that allows connectivity, processing, and tracking functions. This technology will reduce the environmental impact, […]