Client Spotlight – Cell Detect

Cell Detect, Inc. is committed to eliminating illicit cell phones in all correction facilities. Their cell phone detection and identification system is called Cell Trax. Cell Trax identifies the individuals who are holding a cell phone as the phone is powered up or in-use. A small lightweight bracelet is securely attached to each inmate’s ankle and detects the RF signature emanating from the cell phone and transmits a message to a cloud computer system. Cell Detect immediately notifies prison officials that a cell phone is in-use AND who is using it!

Cell Detect is currently developing technology that will emit a low-power, short burst, jamming signal precisely timed to prevent the illicit cell phone from receiving responses from the tower effectively rendering inoperable only this one device. Unbounded Labs was approached by Cell Detect to help develop these technological advancements. With our expert engineers and software development capabilities, we were able to provide Cell Detect with a fully functioning device that could be used immediately in their device. We look forward to a continued relationship and much success for the future!

About Unbounded Labs

Unbounded Labs is a brand focused on smart products the enable IoT solutions. We have the proven skills and experience in IoT engineering to solve the most challenging problems for our clients.

For more information regarding Unbounded Labs or Cell Detect, please email Roger Tipton at or visit Cell Detect.