Eliminating Batteries for IoT Devices

Energy consumption is an everlasting problem for IoT devices as batteries continuously need to be recharged or replaced. Atmosic Technologies and MATRIX Industries have developed a solution to improve energy consumption using harvesting. They have combined to create low-power thermoelectric technology that allows connectivity, processing, and tracking functions. This technology will reduce the environmental impact, lower battery maintenance cost, and create new IoT applications.

The Matrix Gemini Thermoelectric Generator is used to convert the temperature change of material into electrical voltage using quality thermal insulation. This converter is made of a single structure of semiconductor thermoelectric material used for energy harvesting. A high-performing thermoelectric material is used to maximize the conversion of low-temperature heat sources into electricity, which is 30% more efficient than conventional thermoelectric materials. Using this cutting-edge technology will eliminate the use of wire or battery power in a wide range of devices, along with providing economic and environmental benefits.

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