Employee Spotlight: Joseph “JD” Tarriela

JD Tarriela is the Quality and Regulations Specialist at Unbounded Labs. JD recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida as of May 2020. We are very excited to announce that he has been accepted into the Master’s Program for Mechanical Engineering with a focus in CFD and vibrational analysis. JD has obtained a great deal of experience during his undergrad and is currently finishing an applied optofluidic manipulation paper where he simulated fluid flow and particle capture in microfluidic channels.

JD hopes to continue studying CFD analysis by joining more research groups that are focused on CFD analysis working on modeling blood flow and fluid-structure interaction in human hearts. His experience with CAD design and CFD simulation has been a great asset to our company and we look forward to seeing his skills flourish. JD hopes to learn as much as he can while working for Unbounded Labs and plans to let his experiences guide him for the future.


About Unbounded Labs

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