gordon reyerson

board member

Gordon has over 20 years of experience in the life science industry, establishing the US office of Novumed GmbH, and IP consulting and advisory firm, and co-founding Crosstree Capital Partners, a life science investment bank. Ryerson also established the Corporate Finance Department of William R. Hough & Co.’s (Royal Bank of Canada) healthcare practice and was an officer in the United States Navy.

Prior to joining Unbounded Labs, he was the Managing Director for Occam Technology Group, establishing goals and strategic direction for the award-winning ISO certified technology firm. He was also the Founder and Director for Elevate Global Advisors, a life science investment firm. Gordon brings significant industry experience in transaction-based investment banking for biotechnology, medical devices, technologies, engineering services, and strategic management consulting throughout North America, Europe Australia, and Latin America.

As Board Member, Gordon helps establish the Organization’s mission and purpose, as well as, plan and execute financial resources. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Auburn University and an MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of South Florida.