joseph “JD” Tarriela

Quality and regulations

Joseph “JD” Tarriela is the Quality and Regulations Specialist at Unbounded Labs. Prior to joining the company, JD worked at Heat Pipe Technology as a Mechanical Engineering Intern working on designing production units in CAD and supporting various research and production processes. He also worked for Blackhagen Design as a Usability Engineering Intern assisting on human factors studies.

As the Unbounded Labs’ Quality and Regulations Specialist, JD provides engineering with QA and regulatory support with product and process validation, FMEA, risk assessment and associated Quality System documentation.

JD received his Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida. JD has worked as an undergrad research assistant in the USF Innovative Biomedical Instruments and Systems (IBIS) Lab working on developing microfluidic medical devices and supporting other research projects with CAD design and CFD simulations.