Meet The Team: Huy Duong


Huy Duong is a Software Engineer working with embedded firmware development for Unbounded Labs. Prior to joining the company, he participated in tech-related school organizations and research labs where he received two awards: Best IoT Hack and Amazon Echo Hack of Major League Hacking Award & Best Hack of Solution for Patients, Physicians from Express Scripts Healthcare Solution Challenge. Huy also worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant for Neuro-Machine Interaction Research Lab. During his time with the team, he designed a drone simulator game using Unity 3D and tested drones with Emotiv insight Headset, created a tutorial tab in the game for brain computer interface, speech to text using IBM Watson, implemented in Unity 3D, C#, Emotiv API, IBM Watson API.

Huy was raised in Viet Nam and moved to the United States 5 years ago. Huy is looking forward to contributing his expertise to the overall team’s advancement.