Michael Ferris


Michael Ferris has been a founder, chairman, and CEO of several companies throughout his 20-year career. As a former college athlete and 2011 winner and judge of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program, Ferris leads the firm Cerca Trova Holdings and its two fast-growing companies, Occam Technology Group and Abacode. Both firms represent the best and brightest with forward-looking technologies and global influence.

Before acquiring Cerca Trova Holdings, Michael Ferris was the Founder and CEO of Valet Living, a full-service amenities provider. He was also on the Board of Directors for New Mountain Capital, an asset management firm, and a Cybersecurity Committee Member for the Department of Homeland Security. Along with being a Chairman for Unbounded Labs, Ferris is the Chief Executive Officer for Abacode Cybersecurity.

As the Chairman, Ferris acts as the leading representative for Unbounded Labs, providing leadership and governance of the Board. Before starting his career, he earned his Bachelor’s from Missouri Southern State University and joined the Executive Leadership Program for International Finance at the University of California, Berkeley.