New Networking Device Created by Amazon

Amazon recently announced a new low band-width, long distance, wireless mesh networking system, known as Amazon Sidewalk. This network uses less power and up to 900 MHz for better tracking of devices and other activities around the household. These devices were sent to homes all around Los Angeles, California to test access points, and the results did not disappoint.

The Amazon Sidewalk creates a mesh network to eventually create a massive network as more people use the device. The first device created to use on this new network is called Ring Fetch. This is designed to track dogs and create a geofence around the yard, which sends an alert when the dog escapes. Users can receive data up from 500 meters to a mile away using access points.

Amazon wants this secure network to be used in low-cost devices and experience automatic updates. Sidewalk was developed for Internet of Things devices and was just released to developers to build products that could adapt to this network. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networking will soon be a thing of the past. Now device users will be able to share information from far away and keep track of activity while away from home.

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