Unbounded Labs Awarded Contract with Syniverse

Syniverse puts the power of groundbreaking technologies in customers’ hands, providing them with the cutting-edge tools needed to build the bridges between organizations, people, and devices. They have developed the largest private network ever built for linking to the mobile ecosystem. Their communications platform allows businesses to reach customers in every corner of the globe. Syniverse was founded in 1987 and has expanded their offices around the world.

Unbounded Labs was approached by Syniverse to develop updates for some of their recent projects. Our expert engineers used software and hardware development to design exactly what the client needs. We are pleased to work with a company that focuses on fostering more human connections than anyone on Earth.

About Unbounded Labs

Unbounded Labs is a brand focused on smart products the enable IoT solutions. We have the proven skills and experience in IoT engineering to solve the most challenging problems for our clients.

For more information regarding Unbounded Labs or Syniverse, please email Roger Tipton at Roger.Tipton@unboundedlabs.com or visit Syniverse.