Industrial Vehicle Asset Tracker, Cellular


  • clarity of precise location tracking. In-transit route monitoring, alerts, and reports keep you informed about where your vehicles are at all times. 
  • Marine Tracking, Motorcycles Tracking, and Equipment GPS Tracker  
  • 4G LTE-M Network 
  • Tracks in US, Canada, and Mexico 
  • For Use in Harsh Environments with IP67 waterproof case 
  • Internal battery back-up 
  • Easy to use tracking from any iOS or Android phone or web browser 
  • Easy installation 
  • Economically priced device 
  • Automatic, over-the-air firmware download 


The LTE GPS Asset Tracker incorporates next-generation, sensitive GPS technology.  Solid and compact, the LTE GPS Asset Tracker is water and dust proof to survive any outdoor environment with an IP67 rating. Our GPS tracker has an internal back-up battery further ensures your assets are monitored at all times. 

The LTE GPS Asset Tracker is economical, fully-sealed asset tracking product designed for easy and reliable installation. Protect your assets with the most reliable waterproof GPS tracker available. Ideal solution for asset monitoring and theft recovery for motorcycles, heavy equipment, vehicles including construction equipment, rental equipment, marine water craft, golf carts and more. 

My Finder Software can easily track and mange one tracker or thousands of trackers. We provide helpful map views that allow you to see all your trackers on a map with a quick glance. You can be updated if trackers did or did not move recently. You can also be alerted if a tracker moves into or out of a designated area.  Share trackers with other team members or with other parties with a single click. 

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