SupportCategory: QuestionsPublic ip: “internal server error” and “this site can’t be reached”
Olivia Stasny Staff asked 2 years ago

We have gone through the steps mentioned in the following link:
When the OccamSmart Network Server Stack for LoraWAN is set up and we click on the “visit the site” button or try the ephemeral IP we are redirected to a web page that says “internal server error” or sometimes the site can’t even be reached error.
Could you please help us out.
Could you please help us

1 Answers
Olivia Stasny Staff answered 2 years ago

After investigating this issue, we have determined that an error in the installation script results in an incorrect folder structure for the application web page.  The server is running properly but the incorrect folder structure prevent the access web page from being displayed properly.  Connect to the server using the SSH button on the configuration page and execute the commands listed in the attached “GCPPatch.txt” file to correct the problem.  Once this has been done, the “Visit the Site” button should work properly.