Smart Parking Technology

As the development of cities continues to grow, businesses and facilities are facing major parking issues. Spending on smart parking products is expected to reach $3.8B by 2023, according to IoT Analytics Report. Smart parking developments require an IoT-based system that sends data about parking availability to a web or mobile application. By enabling unmatched visibility into parking spaces, smart parking solutions can be very beneficial for your business.

Easy and more efficient parking benefits many people in a smart city. Drivers have the ability to view real-time parking options, which reduces stress and unpredictability of finding a place to park. Citizens will experience better quality of life due to an easier commute to work or school. Smart parking can also help drive customers to local businesses by making it easier to find parking. Businesses can use this data to reveal powerful insights on how to improve the facility. 

Ready to enhance your customers experience? Our expert engineers at Unbounded Labs have designed a Vehicle Detection System that provides accurate, real-time vehicle detection and the location of available spaces. Our system includes the most accurate magnetic sensing system for vehicle detection and vehicle detection algorithms. This in-ground or surface-mounted sensor communicates with a gateway to provide up-to-date parking data over a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). Incorporating a parking management system into your business or parking facility can help reduce traffic congestion, improve parking experiences, and optimize facility usage.

About Unbounded Labs

Unbounded Labs is a brand focused on smart products the enable IoT solutions. We have the proven skills and experience in IoT engineering to solve the most challenging problems for our clients.

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