Ultra-Wideband Technology Transforming IoT

Apple’s iPhone 11 has become the first smartphone to include ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. This software allows communication through wireless networking, using less power to achieve high bandwidth connections. Data is transmitted in a short amount of time over multiple frequency channels without other interferences. Based on an article by Financial Times, this wireless technology provides potential for smart home, security, augmented reality, and positioning. UWB is also shown to have a bandwidth over 100 Mbps compared to Wi-Fi that has 54 Mbps. This is an exciting feature due to its’ ability to satisfy most of the multimedia applications in home networking.

With the Internet of Things driving new product development, software development is a must have capability. Ultra-wideband technology can be used on a wide range of products to improve communication between devices and provide precise locations. UWB has been used on localization technology in many industrial environments. Positioning is used in most asset tracking to determine the location and usage of equipment. Data collected from asset tracking is then sent to a cloud server for data processing. This technology has the power to improve the IoT world with new capabilities and devices for the future.

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