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Unbounded Labs (UBL) is an end-to-end IoT Provider, with expertise in Hardware, Cloud, and Applications Development. UBL is an IoT platform company that allows businesses to bring their IoT strategy to life. By utilizing the UBL platform companies can create, control and manger their IoT data like never before. This provides next generation automation, intelligent desing and data analytics caputre for a true end-to-end IoT solution. 

App Solutions 

Software as a service for challenging industrial IoT applications including visualization, data analytics & using artificial intelligence to help businesses improve processes. 


We collaborate with cloud partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure & Google to securely upload, store & utilize IoT data. Data scientist then use scientific methods, process & algorithms to extract knowledge & insights  from IoT data.

Device Technology

Software as a service for challenging industrial IoT Internal design, prototype & manufacturing of IoT sensors and devices, along with gateway communication cellular wifi, Lora & others. Having an internal team of device & communication experts allows us to shorten development cycles and lower cost and complexity for customers.

Our Customers

Bringing innovative new IoT products to market

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